we are wyld flwr

Founded and directed by Project Runway winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee, Wyld Flwr is a designer phygital brand which draws inspiration from Trinidad Carnival and Burning Man, and aims to empower women to experience true freedom and radical self expression, all while affording financial independence to the women who manufacture the line.

We believe in collaborating with multidisciplinary artists and utilising avant-garde technology to offer our Tribe a creative, community-centric experience, true of festival-culture, that both satisfies and transcends the experience of the physical garment itself.

Our Values


Through creating opportunities for and inspiring regional creatives through collaboration, employment, education, networking and access.


By partnering with a social impact initiative, spöol, to provide financial independence to skilled immigrant workers and female entrepreneurs through employment opportunities.


Through creating garments firmly rooted in our culture of openness that inspire authenticity, fluidity, freedom and fearlessness.

Our Purpose

Promote Financial Empowerment

Wyld Flwr has partnered with spöol, a Women’s Livelihood Initiative in Trinidad and Tobago, to ensure that all producers and makers of Wyld Flwr clothing are paid fair, living wages. spöol facilitates Economic Independence for Women in Trinidad and Tobago, including Venezuelan Women, via the Fashion and Carnival Industries. In addition, 15% of all NFT sales are contributed to the longevity of spöol.

In October 2021, Wyld Flwr launched Wallet & Wine, an educational series aimed at bridging the gap between the regional creative and technology sectors by generating interest and discussion on innovations such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and digital fashion. Viewers can follow along as Wyld Flwr demystifies and navigates through these emerging technologies with the guidance of esteemed industry professionals. Our hope is to inspire and empower our Tribe by openly sharing our journey and allowing them to participate in the process.


Birthed from the Web3 Onboarding ‘Wallet & Wine’ series, The Wyld Tribe is the name given to Wyld Flwr's loyal community of dreamers & do-ers.

The Wyld Tribe is open to all - a space for collaboration between members of the public and Wyld Flwr's network of art and technology innovators. This direct line of communication to our team provides the Tribe with: educational resources, support and advice to inspire their own journey into the digital space; exclusive insight into the Wyld Ting project and Wyld Flwr's future endeavours.

The Wyld Tribe group chat is hosted on both WhatsApp and Discord.

Our Founder

Anya Ayoung-Chee

Anya Ayoung Chee has taken fashion and design beyond the Caribbean shores. A graduate of Parsons School of Design and Central St Martins School of Art and Design, Anya began her journey in New York City as a graphic designer. In 2009 Anya designed her first collection for her label, Pilar, and in 2010, launched the lingerie line, Anya de Rogue. Anya retreated from design to open and manage a co-working space (HOME), boutique (Exhibit A) and cafe (HOME Cafe) in Trinidad. The Anya Ayoung Chee - Limited Edition brand, marks her return to designing a line of her own.

Combining entrepreneurship with her love of the design disciplines, Anya has explored various avenues to integrate her love of fashion, design, Trinidadian culture and commerce including developing the Monday Wear brand cANYAval and designing for the largest band in the Caribbean, Tribe. This experience facilitated Anya to segue into her newest venture, Wyld Flwr, a designer fashion brand with an emphasis on merging creativity, social impact, social consciousness and technology. Drawing on a decade of experience in both fashion and carnival arts, Ayoung-Chee is perfectly aligned to capture this hybridized market.